Business Services


  • Annual compilation of Financial Statements.
  • Interpretation of evaluation of and reporting on financial statements.
  • Performing of independent reviews of annual financial statements of those companies or close corporations that meet the Public Interest Score (PIS) below 350, and not required to have an audit.
  • Duties of accounting officers.
  • Business operations evaluation.
  • Design and maintenance of accounting systems.
  • Monthly Management Reports.
  • Monthly data processing service thereby ensuring compliance with
    the VAT and Close Corporations’/Companies acts.
  • – The processing can be done onsite or can be outsourced to us where you have
    the knowledge that your records will be maintained accurately and on time.

  • Payroll services for monthly paid or commission employees.
  • Business Plans.
  • Forecasts and cash flow statements.
  • Budgets and Long Term Planning.
  • Business Valuations & Ratio Analysis.
  • Management consultancy.
  • General business consultations.
  • Fund Accounting.
  • Financial Information Systems.
  • Assistance with the completion and submission of
  • – Workmen’s Compensation returns
    – Employers’ declarations of employees

  • Assistance with registration for Workmen’s Compensation.
  • Assistance with applying to register as an employer.

Company / Close corporation secretarial services


Information Technology